Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wow sorry guys. Totally havent drawn much lately. But i do have a couple that i failed to upload around the time i made them, so they are pretty old. But i will show a new sketch i did today.

Anyways halloween is over, didnt do much of anything. Went to the anime convention on Saturday but didnt pay to go in cause i didnt feel it was worth it if i wasnt cosplaying :T but the con seemed to get kinda duller every year, I really want to go to a bigger con. Anyways, so i got two new games for my bday. Even though they were late, they are AWESOME.

I've been hooked on Castlevania Lords of Shadow for the past couple of days. Its SO HARD on normal mode, but it keeps me busy. Especially since its a pretty long game. I read it was about 20+ hours, but to fully complete the game you must backtrack and get missing items and upgrades for previous levels so I'd say the game may be twice as long!

So playing the game of course made me feel like drawing a slight fanart sketch of Gabriel. Hope you guys like :T

Second game i got was Dragonquest 9 for DS. Its so cute and fun, Im going to be kept busy for sure. Id like to draw some fanart for it though its hard to draw fanart of a main character that you customized youreself so-- It wouldnt be all recognizable LOL. But anyways.
Heres the older drawings I failed to upload in time
This is kind of a gift art to someone on TE. The character on the left is theirs while the angel on the right is mine. Glad she liked my rendition of her oc Avaritia :D

And the drawing below is just plain random so-- yeah!
So anyways, I finally got my new laptop and finally installed photoshop and hopefully will get painter soon. Its time for me to work on complicated mediums! >:D So hopefully i'll have bigger scale and quality drawings to submit.