Friday, July 30, 2010

Waaaa--- -A-

Woke up late as usual, im probably going to play more Yakuza today, my sister and i did majority of the missions, we're getting close to the end ; ^;
Anyways, talked to the bf today, he wants me to start drawing more character designs for the movie trailer we are going to work on some time in the future. Him and his brother misplaced my favorite sketchbook with the original sketches ;_; /sighsigh, it'll probably turn up later on, hopefully my work now will look even better than the ones in that sketchbook. (i even got that sketchbook on sale >:T)

Anyways, i was trying to practice on color on this one :T why are backgrounds so hard? Or better question, why is COLORING so hard? I always struggle to figure out what colors look good with what sometimes :T I need to study more on color and start drawing more backgrounds. bleh!

Bahh, i want cheesecake.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hey guys, nothing new in my life. Doing the same darn thing each day. Wake up, surf net, play video games, off to bed, repeat. :V

But anyways, started a sketch this evening, im thinking of coloring it later on, so we'll see how it turns out then! It's really random, just some school boys~ My bf told me if im in a artblock, just draw ANYTHING that comes to mind HAHA. Yes that's right, im thinking about school boys, PFFT kidding. I just thought how cool it would be to be a student in japan, so kinda sparked a idea.

Anyways, im bored. So ill go kill some zombies now!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I havent been able to think of much to draw lately, this art block still has me. But I'll just wait till the creative juices start flowing again, i shouldn't rush the feeling.
Anyways, I really couldnt think of much to draw, so i drew something for a couple of my friends online. Drew their characters with mine, LOL, and mine is the meanie with the chopsticks.

HMM, i need to start drawing backgrounds. I never plan anything out so majority of the time :T

P.S I could totally go for some ramen and steamed buns right now -A- , so hungry.

Monday, July 26, 2010


I havent drawn anything in days, and its driving me insane-- i dont know where all my motivation went! I was drawing on a regular basis, and then it suddenly like-- stopped.



Anyways, my bf gave me new music to listen to, usually music serves as my inspiration, lets hope it gets the creative juices going!

Mouse on the Keys

You guys should totally check it out, a three man band. two pianists and a drummer who plays the keyboard and plays the drum at the same time.

now THATS amazing <3

Monday, July 19, 2010

INCEPTION, a movie i watched yesteday that i wish to watch again

OH GOSH, what more can i say about that movie? Pure brilliance? Yes. It surely was. I couldnt believe how complex, unique and original the movie turned out to be. I really wished they gave Ken Watanabe more recognition, he was totally awesome in the movie. ; U ; And gosh-- i dont know what more to say. You know a movie is good when the movie keeps lingering in your mind well after its all over. I had a great time yesterday yes i did.
After the movie, my sis's bf bought some drinks, and we snacked and played Guesstures, which is like charades. What a blast~
Wish me and my bf, and his brother had time to brainstorm and draw some characters for the movie though. ;__; We keep getting distracted everytime we hang out. Ah well..

Anyways, sorry, didnt draw any great piece today. Haha, my sister recently told me "You need to draw more guys in fashionable clothes." So this one is for her haha, she had alot of input in it. "Put studs on that, oh hey, add a chain there"

So consider this sketch like a collaboration with my sister, which would be the first!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ah, another eventless day..

Ive been playing onimusha recently, i really love the music for the second game, I didnt even know the writer wrote the music for Samurai X, which makes it even more awesome! But yeah, im just sitting here looping kotaro's theme over and over~ And wouldnt it be appropriate to draw a samurai, while listening to inspiring samurai music? SO! I drew my oc Hayato, since he's the only random samurai looking guy ive ever drawn haha!

Onto my lame life D:
/SIGHSIGH, school is coming up again, and I dont even know what classes to take. I wish I knew what i was doing. >_< I'm always running around in circles and wasting money along the wayyy.
Blah, hopefully when i get my new laptop, i can work on my artwork again. And figure out... something then.
Anyways, sister wants me to take her out for some coffee haha! We are such coffee addicts.
Until I draw something new-

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Okay so, It wouldnt be an update unless i updated with some art yes? Here's a simple drawing, i was trying out a different coloring method, I think it turned out pretty good. still so much i could do with it :< And yet again, i draw this creepy looking dude. HAHA, i dont know, when i cant think of anything to draw, i just draw whatever can easily come to mind, which is this guy. I think i like drawing his hair~ and yeah, this was to practice some lighting. UGHH, i still have alot to learn, but i wont give up!
Okay so
I had my girls day out with my fraternal twin sis, Lana, and my bff Linda! We had a great time, i wore heels even when my ankle was still twisted, i know, Im terrible, but i wanted to feel good that day haha! BTW, took me forever to post these up, because i had a terrible time figuring out how to post more than one photo on here! :T /SIGHSIGHHere's the three of us having a great time. Linda (left) Lana (middle) Me (right)
Here's lana and rinda having a goofy photo moment.
And my day wouldnt be complete if i didnt have a goofy pic myself! Though i wish i went alittle more goofier, i just look like in pain HAHA!
Dont ask, my sis and I are complete dragonball dorks at heart. FUSIONNNN HAAAAA~
OHHH my, and my beloved favorite dessert. CHEESE CAKEEEE. You cant look away can you? I dont blame you, I wouldnt either. Its classic cheescake with blueberries. AHHh~ Just reminds me of the cheesecake crepes I had with my bf in Japan. Delicious! ; ^ ;

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Excited for girls day out!

My sister and bf Rinda are going to take me on a "girls day out"! We hadnt hung out together this way in a long time, so im looking foreward to it! Ever since i twisted my ankle, ive been a huge mess at home, but this gives me a opportunity to dress up and look nice!
I also might join a Gal Community forum called Ricoche, I love japanese fashion, so thought it would be something new to get into~

Anyways! I did a free sketch of someones character on Tegaki, and decided to post only because i want to remain consistent in updating on blogspot. I tend to forget about blogs and abandoned, but i find this a good motivation to keep drawing SOMETHING.

OH! almost forgot! Thank you followers! I hadnt expected anyone to find my blog, or comment back, so its really nice, thank you :]

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good morning yet again!

Well im up late as usual. 6 am. ugh, im about to head to bed soon D: Today was rather the same as others, played more yakuza 3. blah blah yes yes, just a normal day.

And i have no explanation for this drawing here, it kinda reminds me of a old photo, the colors anyway~ I kinda like the textured look i gave the back though, wish i had a better idea of what i was going for when i drew this.
Ah well! Its all in good practice. I need to keep drawing and get better, theres so much i need to learn. D:

Anyways, until i draw something new~ JA!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

AH, miyazaki how i love you.

Well not too long ago, my sis and i watched Ponyo again, but with our mom this time. Ive been wanting to sketch out a pic of fujimoto and ponyo for some time, so here it is~ Its incomplete if thats not obvious enough D: agh, i wish i had my new laptop soon so i could of made this in high resolution and with better brushes in photoshop. Bah, i guess this will suffice for now.
I plan to do more miyazaki fanart some time later. I really wanna do a howls moving castle and princess mononoke piece! Plus gives me a pleasant opportunity to use some bright and happy colors! I tend to use tons of grey and darks in my drawings :T

Anyways! Look how late/early in the morning it is, i need to head to bed. Ive been with my sis playing yakuza 3 all night.


Friday, July 2, 2010

OKAY. So, Im still unable to do much with this twisted ankle of mine. Just crawl down the stairs and sit on the couch and draw. So thats what ive been doing :T

And no explaination of this drawing really, its one of those things that create themselves. >U<

Ugh, this ankle is so annoying. I cant even work out /sob