Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good morning yet again!

Well im up late as usual. 6 am. ugh, im about to head to bed soon D: Today was rather the same as others, played more yakuza 3. blah blah yes yes, just a normal day.

And i have no explanation for this drawing here, it kinda reminds me of a old photo, the colors anyway~ I kinda like the textured look i gave the back though, wish i had a better idea of what i was going for when i drew this.
Ah well! Its all in good practice. I need to keep drawing and get better, theres so much i need to learn. D:

Anyways, until i draw something new~ JA!


  1. love the colours!
    you're an inspiration :D
    keep drawing Im waiting to see more! :D


  2. wow so these all are your original artworks...?! i really like this one... you might not like me saying this but reminds of like a rugged frankenstein.. like an attractive version

    anyways i really like your stuff!

  3. I’m glad that you are drawling again! (^O^)
    I need to take pictures again my dad gave me an old camera to play with XD