Tuesday, July 6, 2010

AH, miyazaki how i love you.

Well not too long ago, my sis and i watched Ponyo again, but with our mom this time. Ive been wanting to sketch out a pic of fujimoto and ponyo for some time, so here it is~ Its incomplete if thats not obvious enough D: agh, i wish i had my new laptop soon so i could of made this in high resolution and with better brushes in photoshop. Bah, i guess this will suffice for now.
I plan to do more miyazaki fanart some time later. I really wanna do a howls moving castle and princess mononoke piece! Plus gives me a pleasant opportunity to use some bright and happy colors! I tend to use tons of grey and darks in my drawings :T

Anyways! Look how late/early in the morning it is, i need to head to bed. Ive been with my sis playing yakuza 3 all night.


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