Monday, June 28, 2010

UGH, i cant move

Im so freaking tired. I dont know what it was about last night, but i couldnt sleep. So i ended up drawing late at night as i always do. I decided to draw my oc Jun again. Its very rough, but ill pull it into photoshop to fix it up when i find the time.

I think im starting to be consistent with my drawing style a bit, its more realistic, but i like it nonetheless!

Now to find something to eat!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Im still trying to figure out how to use html and the layout system! I decided to use my chrono trigger drawing for the layout, hope you guys like.

You can check out my stuff at

First entry!

Well this is my first entry here on blogspot!
My sis talked me into making one, lets just hope someone like me will actually keep up with this.
I plan to use this as my own personal art blog, plus more!

Today im at my bf's house watching his twin brother Shaun, ceasar and Lency play Tekken6. I wish i was any good at that game. My sister is sitting next to me on her new Fujitsu laptop.
Im hoping to get a new laptop soon. Im trying to choose between a HP and a Dell Laptop, but im more familiar with HP laptops. AGHH, but Dells have so many pretty colors. BLUE BLUE BLUE.

Anyways, Im just bored here and working on a random drawing i initially started in Tegaki, right now im just adding some textures for some practice. Once i get my new laptop, ill be able to run photoshop and make full scale pieces! CANT WAIT.