Thursday, February 10, 2011

updating with.. something

YEAH, no real comment on these. I made a character sheet for a random character-- hopefully i can put him into some use :T

Saturday, January 15, 2011

MAN, too much has happened.

AHHH, so im late with posting like-- ANYTHING. So heres a few drawings 8 H 8.

A sketch that turned out pretty cool, still got a lot to work on anatomy wise :U
This is a gift art of my friends character > U <
And if it isnt obvious enough, Im really trying to pick up using photoshop again. I'm so rusty, i feel like a beginner all over again D: But i do like how this one turned out thoughh!

Wow, Im so behind on blogspot, Ill try to make this post nice, short and simplee.. @ H @

The only real huge thing that happened recently is that i went to see Luna Sea in Hollywood California on the 4th of December, it was probably one of the best concerts I've ever been to, it was beautiful! We even got interviewed by some film makers who are making a documentary of Luna Sea, so hopefully we made a small appearance > U <. Annnd, we were able to get front roll center, and I even got J's pick! So awesome!

And after that, came home after Xmas, and spent time at home on New Years, nothing really big has happened since then, Though i do have some work i wanted to post up earlier. @ H @ Of course Im late with everything I do.

So today! My best friend Rinda ended up driving down to hang with my sister and I, we had a blast, we got some japanese snacks and took some purikura pictures, of course, we couldnt head home without drinking some tapioca. Ive missed it so much! So it was a nice girls day out, hopefully we do this more often > U <

Me and my bf Rinda - 3 - <3
The three of us!~
My sister and I <3>

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wow sorry guys. Totally havent drawn much lately. But i do have a couple that i failed to upload around the time i made them, so they are pretty old. But i will show a new sketch i did today.

Anyways halloween is over, didnt do much of anything. Went to the anime convention on Saturday but didnt pay to go in cause i didnt feel it was worth it if i wasnt cosplaying :T but the con seemed to get kinda duller every year, I really want to go to a bigger con. Anyways, so i got two new games for my bday. Even though they were late, they are AWESOME.

I've been hooked on Castlevania Lords of Shadow for the past couple of days. Its SO HARD on normal mode, but it keeps me busy. Especially since its a pretty long game. I read it was about 20+ hours, but to fully complete the game you must backtrack and get missing items and upgrades for previous levels so I'd say the game may be twice as long!

So playing the game of course made me feel like drawing a slight fanart sketch of Gabriel. Hope you guys like :T

Second game i got was Dragonquest 9 for DS. Its so cute and fun, Im going to be kept busy for sure. Id like to draw some fanart for it though its hard to draw fanart of a main character that you customized youreself so-- It wouldnt be all recognizable LOL. But anyways.
Heres the older drawings I failed to upload in time
This is kind of a gift art to someone on TE. The character on the left is theirs while the angel on the right is mine. Glad she liked my rendition of her oc Avaritia :D

And the drawing below is just plain random so-- yeah!
So anyways, I finally got my new laptop and finally installed photoshop and hopefully will get painter soon. Its time for me to work on complicated mediums! >:D So hopefully i'll have bigger scale and quality drawings to submit.



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

random stuff, old and new

Well looks like my internet is going to be cut soon since im moving. I dont know how i will survive ; ^ ; i cant live without the beloved internet. Haha, but yeah, its going to be a crazy week, i gotta go with my sis and paint the inside of the new home before we move in, which is going to take alot of work since it is just the two of us D:
But cant wait to move, its kinda exciting really, just going to miss the few friends i have here. Hopefully we'll visit and still hang out.
But anyways--
yeah, I sketched this random guy here. Not much more to add but that!

Anddd everything below this, is just old sketches i never bothered to post because-- well they were just sketches, but I thought it wouldnt hurt to have something to show.

Anyways, its like 7 am and i havent went to bed! My sleep schedule has been crazy lately! @A@ Im off to bed! Jaa ne~

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I poofed!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates but I am now in the process of moving into a new house! D: Its been really stressful no doubt, but it should be done some time time in a couple of weeks. With so many things in my mind i had no time to really sit down and draw much. Just a few sketches here and there in my sketchbook.

I should start scanning some, but gosh im lazy.

this coming december I plan to go to Cali to take care of my brother and his wife~ The baby should be due some time in December. ; U ; I cant wait to be a aunt!

And thats all i have to pipe in to say atm! Jaa ne~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ahhhh nothing newwww

Yeah, nothing new has happened for me really, except that my mom is looking for another place for us to move to, we move so much, i should get used to it by now, but now im saddened by the fact that im going to leave 2 of my bestest friends. Hopefully ill be able to drive across town to visit. :< It's not a sure thing, but its a good chance of happening, and if it does, i have to drop the class i already paid for and transfer to a different college. :T what trouble.

Anyways, yeah, still nothing really new. I really hope school can spark my drawing mood again. I really miss the feeling. Maybe im just feeling down?

Whatever the case! I hope i can update this blog more -A-

Friday, July 30, 2010

Waaaa--- -A-

Woke up late as usual, im probably going to play more Yakuza today, my sister and i did majority of the missions, we're getting close to the end ; ^;
Anyways, talked to the bf today, he wants me to start drawing more character designs for the movie trailer we are going to work on some time in the future. Him and his brother misplaced my favorite sketchbook with the original sketches ;_; /sighsigh, it'll probably turn up later on, hopefully my work now will look even better than the ones in that sketchbook. (i even got that sketchbook on sale >:T)

Anyways, i was trying to practice on color on this one :T why are backgrounds so hard? Or better question, why is COLORING so hard? I always struggle to figure out what colors look good with what sometimes :T I need to study more on color and start drawing more backgrounds. bleh!

Bahh, i want cheesecake.