Tuesday, September 14, 2010

random stuff, old and new

Well looks like my internet is going to be cut soon since im moving. I dont know how i will survive ; ^ ; i cant live without the beloved internet. Haha, but yeah, its going to be a crazy week, i gotta go with my sis and paint the inside of the new home before we move in, which is going to take alot of work since it is just the two of us D:
But cant wait to move, its kinda exciting really, just going to miss the few friends i have here. Hopefully we'll visit and still hang out.
But anyways--
yeah, I sketched this random guy here. Not much more to add but that!

Anddd everything below this, is just old sketches i never bothered to post because-- well they were just sketches, but I thought it wouldnt hurt to have something to show.

Anyways, its like 7 am and i havent went to bed! My sleep schedule has been crazy lately! @A@ Im off to bed! Jaa ne~

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