Friday, July 16, 2010

Ah, another eventless day..

Ive been playing onimusha recently, i really love the music for the second game, I didnt even know the writer wrote the music for Samurai X, which makes it even more awesome! But yeah, im just sitting here looping kotaro's theme over and over~ And wouldnt it be appropriate to draw a samurai, while listening to inspiring samurai music? SO! I drew my oc Hayato, since he's the only random samurai looking guy ive ever drawn haha!

Onto my lame life D:
/SIGHSIGH, school is coming up again, and I dont even know what classes to take. I wish I knew what i was doing. >_< I'm always running around in circles and wasting money along the wayyy.
Blah, hopefully when i get my new laptop, i can work on my artwork again. And figure out... something then.
Anyways, sister wants me to take her out for some coffee haha! We are such coffee addicts.
Until I draw something new-


  1. I was wondering what game you have been into lately LOL!
    It’s not lame! XD it makes you who you are. Like me obsessing over Karyu. LOL!
    I don’t want to go back to school but I need to get a job for my expensive taste *__*

    The coffee addiction is back! My mom bought black coffee again YUMMY!!

    Oh why can’t you get the color you want for your laptop?!

  2. gorgeous work!
    your amazing artworks are the only things which inspire me these days!
    Can't wait to see more! Keep it up beautiful xo