Monday, July 19, 2010

INCEPTION, a movie i watched yesteday that i wish to watch again

OH GOSH, what more can i say about that movie? Pure brilliance? Yes. It surely was. I couldnt believe how complex, unique and original the movie turned out to be. I really wished they gave Ken Watanabe more recognition, he was totally awesome in the movie. ; U ; And gosh-- i dont know what more to say. You know a movie is good when the movie keeps lingering in your mind well after its all over. I had a great time yesterday yes i did.
After the movie, my sis's bf bought some drinks, and we snacked and played Guesstures, which is like charades. What a blast~
Wish me and my bf, and his brother had time to brainstorm and draw some characters for the movie though. ;__; We keep getting distracted everytime we hang out. Ah well..

Anyways, sorry, didnt draw any great piece today. Haha, my sister recently told me "You need to draw more guys in fashionable clothes." So this one is for her haha, she had alot of input in it. "Put studs on that, oh hey, add a chain there"

So consider this sketch like a collaboration with my sister, which would be the first!

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  1. ohhh!! i really want to see that movie.. im glad its good!