Thursday, July 15, 2010


Okay so, It wouldnt be an update unless i updated with some art yes? Here's a simple drawing, i was trying out a different coloring method, I think it turned out pretty good. still so much i could do with it :< And yet again, i draw this creepy looking dude. HAHA, i dont know, when i cant think of anything to draw, i just draw whatever can easily come to mind, which is this guy. I think i like drawing his hair~ and yeah, this was to practice some lighting. UGHH, i still have alot to learn, but i wont give up!
Okay so
I had my girls day out with my fraternal twin sis, Lana, and my bff Linda! We had a great time, i wore heels even when my ankle was still twisted, i know, Im terrible, but i wanted to feel good that day haha! BTW, took me forever to post these up, because i had a terrible time figuring out how to post more than one photo on here! :T /SIGHSIGHHere's the three of us having a great time. Linda (left) Lana (middle) Me (right)
Here's lana and rinda having a goofy photo moment.
And my day wouldnt be complete if i didnt have a goofy pic myself! Though i wish i went alittle more goofier, i just look like in pain HAHA!
Dont ask, my sis and I are complete dragonball dorks at heart. FUSIONNNN HAAAAA~
OHHH my, and my beloved favorite dessert. CHEESE CAKEEEE. You cant look away can you? I dont blame you, I wouldnt either. Its classic cheescake with blueberries. AHHh~ Just reminds me of the cheesecake crepes I had with my bf in Japan. Delicious! ; ^ ;


  1. Your drawling is getting amazing! I like the first one (^O^)
    Don't worry we forgive you LOL!
    I hope to have a girls night very soon! It was fun!!

    My dad did not like the price for the red hp laptop so I have to look for a better price. I REALLY REALLY WANT IT! (T___T)

  2. Loving your work!
    You have crazy talent; you inspire me every time :)

    Glad you had a wonderful day out with the people you love ;)