Friday, July 30, 2010

Waaaa--- -A-

Woke up late as usual, im probably going to play more Yakuza today, my sister and i did majority of the missions, we're getting close to the end ; ^;
Anyways, talked to the bf today, he wants me to start drawing more character designs for the movie trailer we are going to work on some time in the future. Him and his brother misplaced my favorite sketchbook with the original sketches ;_; /sighsigh, it'll probably turn up later on, hopefully my work now will look even better than the ones in that sketchbook. (i even got that sketchbook on sale >:T)

Anyways, i was trying to practice on color on this one :T why are backgrounds so hard? Or better question, why is COLORING so hard? I always struggle to figure out what colors look good with what sometimes :T I need to study more on color and start drawing more backgrounds. bleh!

Bahh, i want cheesecake.


  1. Have you picked up a color wheel? That can help you figure out what colors will look best together.

  2. Doooooooooooo it! XD
    Sorry to hear about your sketchbook T_T it will turn up!

    DRAWL more and faster!! XDXD

  3. Awesome colors! Keep it up. Don't worry i'll find the sketchbook one day. It'll turn up when we least expect it.